Friends of St Thomas' Church

STOP PRESS! Please note that the expected congregation for the 11.15am Easter Sunday service has nearly reached capacity, so if you are not a regular attendee but are planning to come, please check first with Rosie Pajovic, Churchwarden, on 07736 306533.

Also, car parking will be at the Dawlish Lodge entrance to the Mamhead estate, NOT on the grass outside the church (which is currently fenced off). Therefore please arrive a little early, and walk from the Lodge to the church if you can. If you are unable to do so, arrangements are in hand to 'ferry' you down!

Registered Charity no: 1100287


This web site is dedicated to supporting the work of the Friends of St Thomas The Apostle Church, Mamhead, a fund-raising charity. You can learn about this tiny church's history; follow the programme of restoration and improvement work being undertaken; become a Friend by donating, and find out about fundraising activities and events. (You may also be interested in two other Mamhead related websites: Mamhead Village and Mamhead Village Hall)


The charitable aims of the Friends of St Thomas Church are:

"To maintain, repair, restore, preserve, improve, beautify and reconstruct for the benefit of the community, the fabric of the Church of St Thomas the Apostle, Mamhead its monuments, fixtures, furniture, stained glass, ornaments and other chattels and its churchyard."


The Church of England is one of the channels through which the Christian revelation has flowed down the centuries and around which our culture, our national identity and sense of community have grown. Our church buildings, from the size of Exeter Cathedral to the intimate scale of Mamhead Parish Church, are an affirmation, in stone, that this is a Christian country regardless of whether it is also a country of Christians.

We hope that we may gain support for this beautiful church as a place for worship, a place where children may be baptised, where marriage vows are made and where we can mark the passing of our dead.

Our being here on earth is mysterious and we will always fail to explain it, but the words of Philip Larkin well describe our small church:

"A serious house on serious earth it is, in whose blent air all our compulsions meet"

Philip Larkin 'Church Going'