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Visiting St Thomas

The church is open for Sunday services and events as per the Calendar.
While there is a right to visit the church at any time, because access is by the private Orangery drive, in practice there are some access restrictions:
  • All visits must have a church-related purpose e.g. attending a service or church event, visiting the graveyard, maintenance of the church.
  • The gate on the driveway is unlocked from 9am to 6pm (October to March), and 9am to 8pm (April to September).
  • Outside these hours the Churchwardens have a key to the gate.  If you are visiting from afar we strongly recommend that you contact the Churchwarden in advance  (Rosie Pajovic, Church Warden on 07736 306533; )  
  • Drivers please drive carefully on the Orangery drive and take care when parking on the church green (owned by Mamhead House) not to obstruct the right of way.  
  • Pedestrians can with care climb over the drive gate (at the hinge end please!) if it is closed.